Jornt Duyx (1983) works as a composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist in various projects. Inspired by a broad range of musical styles his music makes crossconnections between all these influences.

During his master at the Utrecht School of Music and Technology, Jornt has primarily focused on composing and producing his own work. His development as a compser and multi-instrumentalist combined with a technological focus gave him the opportunity to work completely autonomous.
After graduation he has worked in many different small projects, bands and ensembles. Always with elements of both strict compositions and free improvisation. The combination of composition, improvisation and music production next to the skills on several instruments enable him to shape musical ideas with few restrictions. His music can be described as playful, melodic and rhythmically layered.

Recent projects -Jerboah! - Post-pop
-The Primitive Animation - Noorderzon Festival Groningen
-Vis en andere Vogels - Impro on silent movies
-Pieter Groen gaat naar de Barbiesjes, object/music-theatre (e.g. Oerol festival 2013)
-Sounddesign Zmok Veteranen (muziektheater)
-Seelementariat - German poetry/education project (sound design)
-Kijk in mijn ogen, muziektheater (Stichting Pra)
-Nunq- Band
-Hava Hava (world music ensemble)
-Diverse projects @Rood|Noot